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Our professionally staffed monitoring station will watch over your home or business to ensure your family, employees and property are only moments away from receiving help in an emergency situation, e.g. fire, medical or threat of intrusion. Our facilities are UL- and FM-listed, with two locations to serve the most demanding monitoring needs of our clients.

Digital monitoring uses an analog phone line to relay signals from your location to our central control station. This is typically referred to as a “switched telephone network.” If you are using Voice Over IP (voIP) as your method of voice communication, this method will not work for your system. As a significantly greater number of phone providers change to digital networks, voIP digital monitoring is diminishing in popularity.

Long Range Radio (LRR) utilizes cell phone towers to relay signals between your facility and our central control station. While superior to digital monitoring, it requires the installation of supplementary equipment. LRR is rapidly becoming the preferred method of communication. The cost involved for upgrading to LRR is a wise investment if you are considering – or have – a dedicated analog phone line for your security or fire alarm system. Typically, payback is achieved in less than six months.

Wide Area Network (WAN) monitoring uses an Internet connection to notify the central station of alarm activity. It is not recommended as a primary transmission method unless your network has significant back-up power. In most cases, additional equipment is required

Let Select Security, The Security Leader, help you to economically and efficiently create a more safe and secure facility. We offer:

  • Top-notch technology – will establish your facility’s security foundation
  • Flawless installation – makes it work and keeps it working
  • Constant monitoring – through our state-of-the-art redundant facilities
  • Wireless network – eliminates monitoring through pricey, dedicated phone lines, offering maximum security and speedy emergency-response times
  • Inspections – thorough required inspections keep your systems compliant with all appropriate safety regulations
  • Service superiority – ‘round-the-clock service and needed repairs ensure highest possible protection standards
  • Sole-provider services facilitate consolidation, resulting in time-and-cost-saving


Contact us now for detailed information. (602) 230-1252 or (866) 833-1252

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