Personnel Identification and Visitor Management Solutions

Creating professional and polished security badge clearance for your staff.

Employee Badge Management

Company Identification Solutions.

If you need to know who is in your facility, and in what area they are authorized to work or visit, highly visible company Identification badging may be the answer.

ID Badge Solutions

By placing a simple icon on each badge, these can be color-coded by department, programmed to track time through your time-and-attendance software or indicate what equipment the individual is authorized to operate.

If you wish to project a professional image for your field service personnel, we can provide company identification products and designs to promote your brand and provide proof the individual calling on your clients is authorized to represent you. These difficult- to-duplicate designs may include a holographic overlay or logo.

If your needs are more limited, we can produce your company identification cards and ship them to you. All that is required is an approved design containing the appropriate information.

We also offer a complete line of customizable lanyards, wristbands, cardholders and badge reels.

Everyone deserves to have peace of mind in their own home or place of business.

We ensure your protection by providing home and business with
the right security that you can be confident in.

Select Security Systems are simple, affordable, personalized and – most importantly – reliable.

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Our expert staff will take you through the design process, meeting with you or your risk management team to analyze your precise needs – at no cost.

In each and every case, we will find the best solution, helping to establish your stable environment and ensure your peace of mind.

You will know exactly when and by whom your facility was opened or closed – 24/ 7/ 365 – from anywhere, through an Internet connection.

Emergency, medical and fire notification also available.

When there is an intrusion, a versatile, responsive burglar alarm device will promptly detect it, taking the first critical step toward restoring a safe, stable environment.

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