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Residential Security

From basic security to fully integrated services, Select Security has a solution, regardless of household budget. We can provide complete perimeter coverage with interior protection, or spot-coverage in the areas most at risk for unauthorized entry.


We also can provide monitored fire protection or emergency medical response services, with wireless as well as hard-wired systems.

No home phone . . . no problem! We can relay signals to the monitoring station various ways, from long-range radio to Internet connections. See our Monitoring page for details.

Burglar Alarm

Securing your people and properties
Securing your home will not be a problem. Our expert staff will take you through the process, at no cost with no pressure.
We will meet with you to analyze your needs and, together, come up with a solution.
Have piece of mind knowing your home and family are safe and secure.
You will know that your home is secure, and ready for your return.
Knowing your system status is as easy as opening an internet connection, and it is available 24/7/365 from anywhere an internet connection is available.


A home video system will enable live viewing, or review of recorded events, anywhere, on your smartphone or other devices. The central station may utilize your video for alarm verification prior to dispatching the authorities.*

Business Security

Employees, inventory and real estate are the most important assets of a business. We can help protect all three with a security system designed to meet specific needs.


When there is a need to know when the business was opened or closed by a staff member, and/or which member utilized the system, we can provide email notification of each event.

Access Control

Progressive businesses have relegated door keys to the scrap heap, choosing updated access control solutions to protect vital physical and human assets.

Monitoring and controlling entry and access throughout a facility makes good business sense, while remote access management enables a maximized level of convenience, security and real-time oversight.

Fire Alarm

Nothing important should go up in smoke.And that disastrous outcome is unlikely to happen when the necessary precautions have been taken with a detailed fire alarm system.


We are a recognized leader in the design, installation, monitoring, inspection, repair and maintenance of customized fire avoidance systems.

Web & Mobile Control and Viewing

The average business is vacant for 9.5 hours each day.** Because many people leave lights on to deter burglary, there is a lot of wasted energy and money. According to the Energy Star website, 60% of home energy use is for lighting, heating and cooling.

Take control of a business– and energy bill – with a remote management interface.


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