Access Control

Progressive businesses have relegated door keys to the scrap heap, choosing updated access control solutions to protect vital physical and human assets.

Remote Access

Keeping Your Businesses Safe

Monitoring and controlling entry and access throughout a facility makes good business sense, while remote access management enables a maximized level of convenience, security and real-time oversight.

Reduce costs by eliminating changing locks.

When an employee leaves your organization and fails to return his keys, you may have to get all the locks replaced. Compare that to having an electronic access control system where a simple click of the mouse will deny that person access to the building. You will also avoid the common problem of lost or stolen keys. Now, that will save you money!

Know who comes and goes in your building at all times.

Your access control system allows you to easily run a report on individual cardholders, access areas or a number of other variables. Some companies use these reports for their time-and–attendance.

Keep certain parts of your building accessible to the public while securing other areas for employees only.

In many buildings, there is a mix of daily traffic of public visitors and staff members. Your access control system will allow visitors to enter but will keep them from going past restricted doors. No need to make your visitors feel unwelcome by overbearing security systems. Simply manage the flow of people in public and restricted areas easily with your access control system.

Benefits Of Access Control

    • Eliminate keys and the need for key control.
    • Achieve full command of access to buildings and areas.
    • Remotely gain facility-intelligence from anywhere.
    • Establish automatic lock/unlock schedule.
    • Track who enters and where they are.
  • Take advantage of Web or PC-based administration and reporting.

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Founded in 1981, we combine state-of-the-art technology, installation-and-service-know-how and a customer-first attitude to create solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ unique security and/or life safety needs. More than 50% of our business results through the customer referrals. We take pride in the fact that taking care of customers has led to them taking care of us.Currently, we are providing products, service and support for over 2,000 particular businesses and homeowners in Arizona and the Southwest.

There are essential considerations in the development of effective access control systems. These include systems integration, equipment compatibility, regulatory compliance, visitor admittance/personnel flow, space utilization, operational simplicity, economy and maintenance savings.

Attention to these factors throughout the design and installation of a customized, comprehensive access system will help ensure efficiency while facilitating a corporate culture of awareness and responsibility that starts at your doorstep.

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