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Professionalism in company identification

Projecting a professional image for field service personnel has proven to be an essential corporate asset. Our systems, products and designs promote your brand and clearly indicate that the individuals interacting with your valued clients responsibly represent your organization.

We offer a complete line of fully customizable cards, badges, lanyards, wristbands, cardholders and badge reels. I.D. designs resist duplication and if deemed appropriate can include a holographic overlay or logo. If your needs are limited to identification cards, these can be designed, produced and shipped to you.

Company identification software

Select Security offers a variety of photo ID software to meet your needs and budget. From basic versions to comprehensive programs for larger organizations, we can provide new solutions, or an upgrade for your existing plan. Our systems are compatible with most major computer operating structures and a wide variety of brand name card printers.

PremiSys ID*
A product of Identicard Systems, this offers a mobile badging station for “ID-on-the-go” and easy verification. Creating and printing ID cards has never been easier, thanks to pre-installed, industry-specific design templates and an easy-to-use design wizard.

PermiSys can create teslin as well as PVC cards for added flexibility, and can capture an image using an Apple or android smartphone. It facilitates data entry in up to 50 fields and prints the card to a network printer. It also allows for scanning a barcode to verify a cardholder’s access rights, and searches them by name and other factors, making it a powerful identification and security tool. Scalable, PermiSys grows with you, from a stand-alone badging station to mobile application.

Asure ID*
A product of HID Global, this is an easy-to-use photo ID software package that can be upgraded to a more inclusive system if necessary. It allows the importing of card templates and encoding of magnetic stripe cards. Available in the Solo, Express, Enterprise and Exchange programs, Asure ID’s broad range of offerings ensures a good fit for any organization. Smaller businesses will find Asure ID Solo’s streamlined user interface easy to use, while larger organizations will appreciate the ability to encode access control cards and the reporting qualities of Asure ID Exchange.

EPI Suite
This is the ideal solution for smaller organizations wanting to implement a new badging procedure. It is available in three configurations to meet the needs of any organization: EPI Suite Lite (small business), EPI Suite Classic (medium sized organizations) and EPI Suite Pro (large corporate and industrial users).

A unique “face-finding” feature allows an attached camera to automatically find a user’s face for consistently high-quality image capture. The importing of photos and card-back rounds, as well as multiple languages, are supported.

Company Identification and visitor management software can operate as a stand-alone system or can be integrated with your access control system (may not work with all access control software).
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JetPak* cards
An ideal product for smaller organizations that want to use their current printer technology, these durable teslin substrate cards can be used in conjunction with an inkjet printer and are available in custom shapes and sizes. A full set of anti-counterfeiting security features are available, and a laminating machine is required.

PVC cards
PVC cards provide an affordable and dependable ID card solution for organizations that require large volume printing of ID cards, or those wishing to incorporate their ID card with an access control card product. Multiple anti-counterfeiting security features are available. Cards can be printed and shipped to your facility or you may choice to print your cards on site. A PVC card printer is required.

OmniLife cards offer the speed and affordability of PVC with the added durability of a 10-mil-thick laminate. The laminate helps prevent cracking, chipping and other card damage for a long lasting professional appearance.

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