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Emergency Notification

The desirability for a facility to have emergency notification capabilities has become increasingly evident.

Though it originally was designed for educational campuses, installation of the Sielox CLASS Lockdown Alert Status Emergency Notification System is fast becoming a staple in the business community. It has received universal acceptance by progressive businesses as a must-have resource for issuing alerts and managing threatening situations across a wide range of crisis situations.

This effective and vitally necessary resource issues alerts to first responders and/or administrative staff in real time through the use of networked devices, RFID readers or push buttons. It allows first responders and others to access dynamic floor plans and detailed facility maps through accurate updates that can be transmitted or received on a cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

It is the one system that allows emergency personnel to instantly receive detailed notification of developing conditions at specific and facility-wide locations through color-coded alerts and email or text updates.

System benefits:

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere using iPhone, iPad, Droid, Smartphone, Smart Board, desktop or laptop
  • Operates using Wan, Lan, Wifi, or High speed cell (3G or 4G)
  • Enables instant email and text notification
  • Allows two-way chat between facility personnel and responders
  • Fully customized to meet lockdown and other requirements
  • No status indicators are visible to intruders

The availability of CLASS now makes it possible for responsible businesses to better establish and ensure facility and personnel safety by reducing response times and appropriateness in all type of emergency situations.


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