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CCTV – Video Surveillance

It has been said, “seeing is believing!” A video surveillance system – your “eyes” while you are away – makes it possible to see what is happening on site in your absence. Activity, equipment, inventory, personnel, visitors, etc. can be observed on a smartphone or other device, in real time or recorded, from anywhere with an Internet connection.The central station will utilize what is seen to validate alarm appropriateness prior to – or instead of – dispatching authorities (as required in some locales). Analog and/or digital systems will be fitted to your specific requirements and budget.

  • Alerts – Receive real-time views of actual occurrences.
  • Clips – Store and access archived clips on a secure site.
  • Verification – Agents view activity to distinguish between real and false alarms.
  • Response – Summoned when needed, ignored otherwise.
  • Integration – Coordinated with access control or security systems.

Negative consequences of incidents and (otherwise undetected) theft can be significantly reduced or eliminated when a custom-designed video surveillance system is in operation. This will make any facility more secure, more efficient and safer, while reducing exposure to accidents, unnecessary loss and possible liability.

State-of-the-art video surveillance systems make possible an exceptional standard of corporate control, with utilization of surveillance data sometimes impacting the bottom line.

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