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Access Control

Progressive businesses have relegated door keys to the scrap heap, choosing updated access control solutions to protect vital physical and human assets.

Monitoring and controlling entry and access throughout a facility makes good business sense, while remote access management enables a maximized level of convenience, security and real-time oversight.

Some features and benefits of access control solutions:

  • Eliminate keys and the need for key control.
  • Achieve full command of access to buildings and areas.
  • Remotely gain facility-intelligence from anywhere.
  • Establish automatic lock/unlock scheduling.
  • Track who enters and where they are.
  • Take advantage of Web or PC-based administration and reporting.

There are essential considerations in the development of effective access control systems. These include systems integration, equipment compatibility, regulatory compliance, visitor admittance/personnel flow, space utilization, operational simplicity, economy and maintenance savings.

Attention to these factors throughout the design and installation of a customized, comprehensive access system will help ensure efficiency while facilitating a corporate culture of awareness and responsibility that starts at your doorstep.

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