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Effective visitor management

There are obvious benefits to companies in knowing who is (was) in their facility at any given time and in what area or areas they are (were) authorized to work or visit. In addition to lending enhanced professionalism to the visitor check-in process, a visitor management system facilitates the ability to generate reports and analysis of visitor data quickly and easily.

Automated visitor management solutions provide improved security and safety by rapidly and accurately identifying those who are (or were) in a facility under any circumstances. In addition to streamlining the enrollment of visitors with pre-registration or self-registration data, this meets compliance mandates for collecting and auditing visitor information. It can provide additional safeguards by screening for felony and various crime watch lists.

The EasyLobby visitor management system allows automation of the check-in process in seconds by scanning a valid ID source such as a driver’s license, passport or business card. Guests will be registered quickly, be assigned a printed badge and will have enabled the capture of pertinent information. The system can integrate with an existing access control system and issue badges that allow limited access and automatic termination of access at the end of a designated time period.

Highly visible identification badging that includes an icon on each badge assists in providing this information. Badges can be color coded by department, programmed to track individuals through time-and-attendance software and even indicate what equipment they may be authorized to operate.

The necessity for and benefits of contemporary security and reporting tactics have made the practice of signing visitors into a facility using handwritten paper logs outdated, inefficient and risky. Visitor sign-ins on paper provide little or no security and allow most anyone access to proprietary visitor information.

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