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CCTV technology update: Seeing is believing!

CCTV technology update: Seeing is believing!

Since the first network cameras were introduced in 1998, the end has been predicted for security cameras using coax cabling as a means of transmitting video information from the camera to the recorder or viewing platform.

While it is true the network cameras have had a significant impact on the industry, high cost to upgrade has prohibited many existing facilities from experiencing the benefits network video has to offer.

Enter HD-over-coax: Enhanced security at a very affordable price

While the HD-over-coax cameras can utilize existing coax already in place, in most cases the video quality is a real game changer! A typical analog camera system would be hard pressed to provide video resolution above 700 TVL, and has significant cable-length limitations.  HD systems can provide 1080P resolution over the same span of cable and can actually increase the cable length to 1400 ft. using RG-59 cable when using AHD or TVI technology.  That’s an increase of 29.5% in cable length.

There are multiple types of HD-over-coax, and they are not interchangeable.  The installation of a TVi camera or cameras, for example, will not allow recording on an AHD recorder.

Not only is the technology more economical, it is also less complicated. There is no need for extra routers, switches, servers, injectors, POE (Power over Ethernet) or other external devises needed to create and maintain a network.

Below is a chart comparing the various HD formats, along with some features to be aware of before committing your resources to an upgrade:

A Comparison of HD Analog formats

Comparison of HD analog formats